Friday, August 5, 2011

Taco inspired mac and cheese

More catching up!

One of the things i made in late spring, which i thought was very tasty, was a Mexican inspired dish. I made a home made cheese sauce with a mexican cheese blend, bleu and feta cheese crumbles, and whipping cream. and it was a very creamy, and tasty sauce. it was a big hit for the family, but not good for left overs. maybe next time i will consider making it as a casserole or removing the noodles, and making it like a party dip.

ok heres the recipe

-8oz Heavy Whipping Cream
-2 cups (eye ball it) of shredded cheese (i used a mexican four cheese blend, and added bleu/feta cheese crumbles for tang)
-8oz bag of elbow or egg noodles
-black beans
-taco seasoned beef (turkey, or just add taco seasoning to the cheese sauce and add pinto beans or another favorite alternative)
-sour cream

Brown your beef in a skillet (or turkey) and add taco seasoning according to package. (i'm not cool enough to do my own mix yet)

In a sauce pan, warm up the whipping cream on a low setting of the stove, once the cream starts to steam up (not boiling) start stirring in your cheese. You want your sauce to be thick and creamy. it will string up, so keep stirring it so it doesn't stick to the bottom.

in a pot, boil your noodles until they are almost soft but still firm. strain noodles return to pot

poor your cheese sauce over your meat and blend well, once you blend the cheese and meat add it to your noodle pan. and fold it in until your noodles and meat are even through out.

serve in a bowl with black beans and sour cream on top.

This was the first time i made a cheese sauce and it was truly delightful!