Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wrapping up the summer

started couponing

 made  BBQ bacon cheeseburgers with hand cut fries

Made a 'Mermaids' inspired lunch for Lilli

Planted this tree to celebrate isaaks birth-(placenta burried underneath)

Isaak had his 1st birthday

slow roasted BBQ beef tips

Ice cream cone cupcakes for Lillis 3rd birthday
I discovered that I did not post this last post from last summer, and I thought I would post it any way. These photos are not quite in order, but I will explain them all.  The top photo, is of me trying my hand at extreme couponing.  while I do believe I would have had great success, I had to put that on an "extreme hold" because of my full school schedule.
One of the things also in this photo set, is a home made BBQ bacon- cheese burger, with hand sliced fries, which did prove to be quite a hit.  Isaak celebrated his first birthday, and in the memory of my homebirth, I planted a tree with my son's placenta buried underneath, as a symbol of life, and what the placenta assisted with for the creation of him.
The summer time, is always a great time for barbecuing, which is something we do frequently. So I also shared my bbq beef tips with potatoes and veggies.
This photo set ended my first summer as a full time mom, and trying to become domesticated.
I took the school year as a break from my blog, and I will continue writing for the summer.
Thank you for reading.