Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home made pizzas

So... last month I experimented with pizza crust.... trying to make food more interesting, even if there's some different ways to prepare the same thing-just helps change it up.

I made 2 different pizzas in the same night.

Buffalo Ranch Chicken pizza, and a BBQ pizza
both turned out interesting-but not as good as left overs

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Pizza
1 12in batch of pizza crust (so many recipes/ready mixes find the one you like best)
1 large chicken breast-cut into fairly small pieces
ranch dressing
hand full of blue cheese crumbles
2 carrots
1 piece of celery
couple hand fulls of mozzarella (or Monterrey jack)
wing sauce (the most popular is franks-mmm)

if you have a 'magic bullet' this comes in handy while mixing ranch dressing with blue cheese crumbles-it gives you an evenly blended paste like sauce perfect for spreading on pizza crust
if not, use a mixer, or do it by hand.
-mix blue cheese and ranch evenly together, then
let chill in the fridge while your doing the next steps

-prepare your dough-cover with a cloth towel that is lightly floured so it doesn't stick

-dice your chicken into
small pieces and place into a skillet and add the franks-be generous.
cover with a lid and cook on a low medium (cooking chicken too high will make it rubbery)

-wash hands and work with dough. stretching it onto your pan. (don't forget to remove your rings too... dough can be pesky)

-spread sauce liberally but evenly

-add cheese-and once chicken is done cooking,
add chicken

-on the very top add your veggies and bake for 12-15m until crust is golden brown (or other wise directed on your crust directions)

beer serves well as an addition to the pizza ( so pick the beer you like best to go with wings or pizza!!

**for a vegetarian twist you may be able to use finely cut tofu... or use a chicken substitute just make sure to toss it in franks sauce**

BBQ pizza

bbq sauce (use your fave!)
fresh corn-2 cobs-corn cut from cob
cheddar cheese
mozzarella cheese

prepare crust
cook chicken on low medium-you can actually grill this chicken-yum!!
and follow the previous directions to put this pizza together.

I'm not quite sure what would be a yummy vegetarian twist for the bbq pizza-so if you have one, please let me know and ill update this!

Like i said, these pizzas were yummy fresh out of the oven-but not the next day. so make sure your hungry!!!

Playing Catch up... Condensed to include multiple recipes!

Hello again. Its been a while since i have been able to catch up on my Domestic-ness. I have many new things to address. I have made more new yummy food, started cleaning my house 'more' than i was able to before, set up my down stairs living area to be much more livable, and cozy for every one, this also includes my little 'Hair-Ty Studios' salon in my large laundry room.

i have taken my mommy role to another level as well, by getting creative to save and make money! there will be a post (or two) about how i am going about doin this as well!

over the next few days ill get these new blog posts up to satisfy your curiosity and blow your mind-or not... either way, ill be caught up hopefully by this weeks end!