Thursday, June 2, 2011

Playing Catch up... Condensed to include multiple recipes!

Hello again. Its been a while since i have been able to catch up on my Domestic-ness. I have many new things to address. I have made more new yummy food, started cleaning my house 'more' than i was able to before, set up my down stairs living area to be much more livable, and cozy for every one, this also includes my little 'Hair-Ty Studios' salon in my large laundry room.

i have taken my mommy role to another level as well, by getting creative to save and make money! there will be a post (or two) about how i am going about doin this as well!

over the next few days ill get these new blog posts up to satisfy your curiosity and blow your mind-or not... either way, ill be caught up hopefully by this weeks end!


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