Tuesday, March 22, 2011

first shot at cooking with Rachel Ray

Before i talk about the dinner recipe gone bust that i experienced today, i wanted to touch on another little tidbit.

NEVER wash pull ups. They are not reusable. they will puff up and separate and make a mess of your washer and clothes. I'm not sure how this pull up in question made its way into the washer but gee it made a mess. I had to go through the washer, pull out all the remains of it, and re wash every thing. sigh...... i guess the lesson to be learned from this is to learn to sort, and check laundry before washing it.

So... on with my post.

Today i picked a recipe out of a Rachel Ray cook book. It was not our taste. I am kind of disappointed because i was hoping it would be amazing.
pita bread drizzled with olive oil and crushed garlic baked for 5 mins
topped with ricotta mixed with lemon zest and salt and pepper
and also topped with mozzerella cheese

then the salad had prosciutto di parma lettuce fennel raddicio and tossed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

you are supposed to eat it like a "taco" but we ate it separately so we could try eac
h thing. even still.... the white pita pizza was good.... but the salad was way out of our element.... tomorrow i am going to stick with something i know, then try another recipe on Thursday. I dont want to starve myself or my husband by making food that no one will eat.

I did how ever pack up the dinner and sent it with my husband, in hopes that the guys at work would try it and possibly like it!

The hardest part was that everything in the recipe sounded decent. this cook book doesnt have enough pictures, i don't think.

I did discover that i like fennel though. never used it before when cooking

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