Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sometimes you just need a piece of meat.

Yesterdays dinner consisted of a yummy pork tenderloin and loaded mashed potatoes.

The Pork was marinated in a savory marinade. We freshly cut the tenderloins and placed the marinade in the bag and froze them. This allowed for ultimate tenderness (aside from the fact it was a "tenderloin")

The potatoes were mashed, and loaded with mexican style cheese, sour cream, bacon, and corn. I could have put the corn on the side... but why waste a pan when your going to mix them when you eat any way right?

With the hubby on nights, he has to take his dinner to go. This is one of the hardest parts of cooking him dinner. For one month dinner is at 4 for the next its at 7.

I have also been trying to get my studying done to sign up for fall classes. i have been pumping myself up for this since October '10 and I cant believe its going to be a reality! and just think... in 6-10 years ill have my Masters degree in nursing and specializing in Nurse Midwifery! (one of my many childhood dreams) My husband cant wait to not have to work a full time job. he wont have to once i am done!

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