Monday, March 28, 2011

Lime trees had a bad season

So, Lime trees had a bad season this year. I heard this about a month ago when my husband and I went out to eat Pho for dinner, and they gave us lemons instead of limes. I wasn't sure i believed this, because we had just recently bought limes and had them in our cervesas!

Well, I guess this is true, because Saturday I purchased 6 limes from Sunflower Market to make my yummy fajita marinade. It took all 6 to get the amount of juice I would typically get from one. Lucky for me, I keep a bottle of lime juice in the fridge for such an emergency.

On the menu for saturday-as i had stated above, was Chicken and Steak Fajitas
the marinade was made from individual spices... not a mix (yay me) I researched a few recipes and concocted my own.

The Recipe

1 lb your favorite Beef steak (i used London broil this time)
1lb of chicken (breasts are best for this)
(this would also make for an amazing shrimp fajitas for my friends whom do not eat beef or chicken)
1 onion
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
1 yellow pepper
(or however you would like)
(I also think one package of mushrooms would be tasty in this mix
as well-but this idea came after i made everything)

Step 1.
The Marinade:
3oz of tequila
1/2 cup lime juice
a splash of sweet and sour (like 2Tbsp)
(or, you can just use original margarita mix)
2TB chili powder
1/2TB salt
1TB paprika
1TB sugar
1TB onion powder
1/2TB garlic powder
1/2TB cayenne powder
1/2TB red pepper flakes (you may add more if u like it spicy)
1 1/2tsp cumin
mix all of the marinade ingredients together well. split into two parts and set aside

Using a fork, poke multiple holes into both sides of the beef to make sure the marinade gets good and in there. Put the meat into a gallon size Zip-lock bag, and poor one of the two marinades in the bag with the beef.

Repeat these steps with chicken

Put both bags of meat in the fridge and let them marinate for at least 3 hours
Sear the Beef on the grill till both sides are nice and brown (about 5 mins on each side)
Grill chicken about 5m on each side as well

Cut the veggies into thin strips
Preheat a Medium Iron Skillet, and start to saute the veggies with about a Tbsp of butter

Remove meat from grill and cut into thin strips (do this while you are cooking your veggies)
Add the meat to your skillet and cook for about 5 more minutes constantly stirring with a pair of tongs

I originally was going to make homemade tortillas... but that did not go over too well. (bad shortening) so i just went with the traditional-store bought 10in tortillas

Serve with:
Sour Cream
Mexican cheese blend(or even just sharp cheddar)
spanish rice
and for those who like tomatoes... you will need some of those too (maybe even make a nice pico sauce for this-my family does not care for pico)

After this wonderful tasty dinner, I served everyone an Ice cream cake from Dairy queen. In celebration of my husbands 28th year.

I got through this dinner with the help of Dez, and my hubby Brian. and i am very impressed with the tasty results, and left overs we had for lunch Sunday.

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